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★Seller Information★

  • * Here's my feedback page on eglfeedback. I also have some etsy reviews and ebay reviews (though not everyone has reviewed that purchased things). I don't post fandom things on shuucreme (it's an art blog) though, which is why I am using this account to post.

  • * I have no pets and do not smoke. No one in my household does either.

  • * All measurements (for clothing, etc) are amateur, so there may be some variation. However, I measure everything several times to ensure that I give you the most accurate ones I can. Page number counts are approximate.

  • * Please feel free to ask if you want to make an offer/ask for more pictures, measurements, or have any questions! I am happy to answer them.

  • * Items should be shipped within 3-4 days of purchase. If there are any delays/holidays/etc., I will notify you beforehand, and take proof pictures upon request. If you need the item right away, please tell me and I will try my best to get to the post office ASAP.

  • * All prices are in USD, and include domestic shipping, first-class, with the exception of larger items, which I've heard becomes priority automatically. Please tell me if you are an international buyer and/or want to spring for a more expensive option. I am willing to cover paypal fees!

  • * I accept paypal as payment, I haven't really used anything else but feel free to ask, and I'll look into other methods of payment.

  • * I accept offers, so please feel free to ask :) ; on that note, I do combine shipping and am willing to give discounts if you purchase more than one item.

  • * I am alright with local pickups, but please keep in mind that as I am a student, it may be hard for me to meet during weekdays and far from where I live (91006).

  • * After an item is shipped, I claim no responsibility. Sorry! (Though I don't anticipate any issues, as nothing's gotten lost before, just delayed because of freak weather). That being said, if an item gets lost, please tell me and we can try to work something out. :)

: Axis Powers Hetalia
Title: xx無理矢理系xx SOLD
Language: Japanese
Pairing: (child) USx (child) UK

Circle: Hakka Pink x Naijitsuka
Rating: R-18
Condition: New, in wrapping!
Pages: 60+
Note: Dub/Non-con, shota, age reversal. Dark, well-written piece, selling for cheap because I have duplicates (purchased one for a friend)! Quite thick.
Price: $28 with shipping in the US

Title: Baby Once More
Language: Japanese
Pairing: USxUK
Circle: Kaburaza
Rating: R-18
Condition: New, in wrapping! (taken out to photograph/get approx pg#)
Note: Cute art style!
Price: $20 with shipping in the US

Title: Kiss of Fate
Language: Japanese
Pairing: USxUK
Circle: BNOZ/Hiyori Kato
Rating: R-18
Condition: New, in wrapping! (taken out to photograph/get approx pg#)
Price: $18 with shipping in the US

Title: Marry Merry New World
Language: Chinese (Simplified)
Pairing: USxUK
Rating: PG (mild kissing)
Condition: Like New, no wrapping.
Note: USUK cuteness!
Price: $20 with shipping in the US

Title: Do not be an idiot (ばかにしないで)
Language: Japanese
Pairing: PruAus
Circle: PianoLesson
Rating: R-18
Condition: New, in wrapping! (taken out to photograph/get approx pg#)
Price: $18 with shipping in the US

Other Merchandise
Germany Roly Poly Stamp/Keychain--$20 with shipping
Notes: New in Box, very rare (sold out since 2010, $40+ on most websites)

NEW FULL COSPLAY: Austria Seven Years War Uniform


Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character: Austria--Seven Years War Arc
Condition: New! Ordered for a meet up but never used :(
Size: American M, approx size 6-8
Pieces: Full cosplay/4 pcs+1 bonus
Includes: Outer Coat, Inner Shirt, Trousers, and Lace Jabot, also will come with the gold sash/belt I made (if I can find it)
Note: All buttons and pockets are functional! New, still some chalk marks from the maker. Material is quite heavy and warm. Beautifully detailed cosplay.
Price: $115 with priority shipping in the US. OBO

Short Brown Wig

Proof: Actual colour is slightly more red than stock, but not as red as the proof
Perfect for cosplays! Works well as an Austria wig. Made with Japanese fibre, good quality. Only once, like new.
$15 with shipping in the US, or $10 with the Austria cosplay :)

Silver Wig
Proof (actual wig colour not this red! I don't know what my camera is doing :( ):
High quality Japanese fibre silver wig! Works well for a Final Fantasy Type 0 Seven or fem!Prussia cosplay.
$18 with shipping in the US

Disposable Circle Lenses--Multiple colours, recommended 2 week use
I have coloured contact lenses in brown, grey, green, aqua-blue, and violet! They're soft and quite comfortable to wear. I have multiple pairs, and obviously they are new, in unopened packages. I purchased them in bulk in Taiwan, and they are approved by the health council of Taiwan so they should be quite safe! Feel free to ask for more details.
$15/pair, $20 for two pairs shipped in the US

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