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Sales Feedback

Hello! This is a general feedback post for online transactions.

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Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

At the risk of sounding unoriginal, both society and I am. 

The typical conversation between me and society:
Society: Hey there
Me: Bugger off
Society: Are you sure? Because like, I am a scary enemy
Me: *too busy drawing and thinks it is her friend or something* Go awaayyyyy
Society: Okay, Hate you forever♥
*saunters off*
Me: Hate you too-- WAIT OH SHIT


(actually, all this can be blamed on lack of time. COMEON MAKE A 4 DAY WEEKEND ALREADY, AS IF I WON'T FRITTER IT AWAY)
Hi there!

So, I was looking at this post  made by laur10s , and decided I wanted to try removing the bubble thing in the corner/retouch some things. I'm not the best at computer graphics/SAI (just got it yesterday!) but errr... well, I was inspired I guess. (and she in turn was inspired by the other post) And well.....
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Santa :3

Based on the strip American Santa


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Oh, and Happy Lunar New Year everyone~! Also: 2010 WINTER OLYMPICS~!